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We have lived in Rainworth for nearly 20 years now with my family .... having moved here from Bristol.  Sam is our son and has Down's Syndrome, autism, and several other factors affecting his learning and development.  Whilst he was in education, he was safe and secure but when we began to look around at options available afterwards, there was little that Sam liked or wanted to do.  We were constantly offered a "set" box, but Sam doesn't fit into a box, nor did we want something that was "a best fit" for him ... we wanted the absolute best as he deserved it!

So we set about setting up something that ticked ALL of his boxes, and Sam's Workplace was born ..... together with our very good friends Vicky and Craig, we set up a sweet shop and cafe within our local community who we are know are fantastic and the rest, as they say, is history ...... 

 Phil passionately believes in what we do here at Sam's Workplace.  He runs the allotments and small animal care provision and all the service users who come along have a fantastic time, working hard and developing new skills all the time.  He learns as much from them as he can teach them, and each day is completely different and fun.

Phil said; I'm a Derbyshire lad born and bred, but have loved becoming more and more involved with the Rainworth community, coaching football teams for the RMWFC Youth Teams, Girls Team and Disability Team, as well as supporting Derby County of course! 



Hello my name is Vicky, I have worked as a teaching assistant in special needs schools for the last 10 years but I have over 16 years experience. I have a brother with multiple sclerosis and I have seen his trials and tribulations first hand. 

When Debbie first approached me to come on board with Sam's Workplace I could see the massive potential it had, and definitely jumped in with both feet!  I can honestly say it's the best decision I've ever made .... the guys we work with are fabulous and each day is a challenge, but well worth it.


Hi my name is Craig, I have worked for the last 10 years in child settings. I am skilled in the great outdoors, map reading/navigating and wood work.  I enjoy all the different challenges which Sam's Workplace presents, and especially enjoy working with all our service users to broaden their skills in so many different areas.


My name is Leah I started out volunteering here at Sam's workplace and was fortunate enough to secure an apprenticeship, which I have completed and I am now a full-time member of staff here.  I love the fact that every day is different, and working with our service users is so much fun.

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